How to Join

So you have given BMX a test run and you are keen to join? Redlands BMX Club welcomes new members at any time during the race year. Official "BMX Come and Try" days are typically held at the beginning of each year (normally in either February or March) due to covid we have put these on hold, however you are welcome to come and try BMX at any time.

To ride at our track you will need an Auscycle Membership which can be obtained via their website

If you have any trouble completing your membership we are more than happy to help you at the club on Wednesday Nights between 5:30 and 7:30pm

Member Fees

Other Costs involved are our Family Contribution Levy of $50 per Family - this is paid at the club canteen at the beginning of each year.  2021 fee  due by 8th April then fee becomes $75 per family.

How old do I have to be?

If you fall between the ages of 2 and 100 and you can ride!
• Mini-wheeler riders ride a balance bike or strider bike (a special bike with no pedals)
• Sprockets are riders 7 years and under. They are non-competitive and are awarded for participation only.
• All other riders are divided in divisions at Redlands BMX dependant on their riding ability. This allows everyone a chance to shine in their own division.

BMX Essentials

To start with, any type of 20” BMX style bike is fine. 24” bikes (or Cruiser bikes) are also suitable.
• Remove mudguards, chain guards, kickstands, reflectors,
• Remove front brakes, stunt pegs
• Rear brakes must be fitted; NO pedal brakes
• Ends of handlebars must be fitted with plugs

Equipment requirements

Protective Clothing - all parts of the skin need to be covered.
• Full Face Helmet
• Long Pants – tear resistant race pants
• Long sleeved shirt
• Gloves –gloves must have full fingers
• Number Plate * Plates (including 2 numbers) are available for sale from the canteen for $15. Additional numbers can be purchased for $1. Single digit numbers are reserved for riders with finals placings in Sth Qld, Qld, Australian and World Events (2A, 1Q, 5W etc)
• Transponders * You can purchase a yearly subscription of $55 first year and $35 each year after. Sprockets DO NOT need a transponder for racing.

BMX Lingo

  • BMX: Bicycle Moto Cross
  • MOTO: is a race
  • SPROCKET: a rider under 8 years on a pedal bike
  • MINI WHEELER: a rider  on a balance bike
  • 20 INCH: standard race bike with 20” wheels.
  • CRUISER: a bike with 24” wheels.

Gates Practice

At Gates Practice, riders have the opportunity to learn track safety, correct riding techniques, race rules, riding tactics and develop overall BMX fitness. The night is run purely to have fun and develop BMX skills and techniques.

Wednesday Gates Practice
All riders $5 each
Mini Wheelers - 5.30pm to 6pm
All other riders 6pm – 7pm
Advanced Riders – 7pm - 7.30pm

Club Race Nights

Race nights are held usually the first 3 Fridays of the month.  Riders must hold a current BMXA Licence or Auscycling Membership which can be obtained through

Riders compete in divisions, which are ability level groupings for racing. Riders under the age of 8 that ride a balance bike are called Mini Wheelers. Riders under the age of 8 that ride a pedal bike are called Sprockets.  Sprockets are categorised into Crankers first then Pumpers and then more skilled Sprockets are Jumpers.  Riders above the age of 8 are ability grouped into their Divisions, ability levels are determined by our Registrar after the first 3 race nights at the beginning of the year.

What happens at Club Racing?

Groups of up to 8 riders compete on the track in each race (moto). There are 4 motos at each racing night. Scores are awarded for finishing positions for all riders except Mini Wheelers and Sprockets as these groups are encouraged to enjoy the sport without the pressures of competition. Scores are tallied up throughout the year for Club Members and at the end of the year riders will be rewarded with trophies for their hard work at the Christmas Breakup.

Before racing can commence there are many positions that are required to be filled on the day. These are volunteer positions and your help is greatly appreciated. These positions are: Staging, First Aid, BERMS, Lines and Gate Starter.

Fees For Racing Friday Nights

$5 Mini Wheelers, $10 others, $20 family Cap

Noms 6:00pm – 7:15pm
Racing Starts after all noms finalised

Club Communication

We communicate with members through a variety of ways:
Facebook: this is a public site and can be accessed even if you do not have a Facebook account
• Email: please remember to update your details with us as they change to