The Redlands BMX Club operates solely on the volunteers who perform all aspects of the club operations including developing and maintaining the track precinct.

General club contact number :    0431 610 025

Please be mindful when contacting us that our committee are volunteers.  If we don't answer you straight away please leave a message.  Many of us work and at times it can be difficult to answer your call during the day.  We try our best though.

You can always send us a message on Facebook also.  The first available Committee member will get back to you.

We are always looking for assistance which contributes to the successful operation of the club including track preparation, canteen duties and committee participation.

If you can volunteer in any way please contact one of our committee members listed below or call the general club number above.

2018 Club Committee

President                 Darren Gillam                  0439 640 554        [email protected]

Vice President        Brodie Crouch                                                  [email protected]

Secretary                  Jesse Spence                                                     [email protected]

Treasurer                 Jamie Highden-Smith    0408 779 088       [email protected]

Registrar                   Karen Whitlock               0403 286 870       [email protected]

Track Director         Brenden Robins               0421 782 076        [email protected]

Canteen Convener  Donna Williamson          0412 787 684      [email protected]


Ben Torrens                       0417 734 900

Shaun Allen                        0408 761 491

Bruce Morris                      0419 960 310

Luke Hombsch                  0408 079 808 -> out of work hours only please

Esther Woodward             0478 103 269


Edan Whitlock                   0450 013 326

Members Meetings

Any member of the club can attend and offer input to the clubs operation and planning.

General Meetings are held in the canteen every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. All members are welcome. If you have any suggestions or improvements, ideas or comments about any matter affecting the riders it is in the club’s interest to let the committee know.


It is hoped that every member of the club will attend this meeting. Every member can participate in the election of the committee, which will be running the affairs of the club for the following year.  Every financial member over 18 years with a current BMXA memberships is entitled to vote.

The Annual General Meeting is held in November of each year usually as part of our end of year event.