There are many opportunities for development within the sport of BMX and riders can race at a club, zone, state, national and even international level.  Current events available for riders are listed on the calendars below:

Redlands Club CALENDAR 2020















2019 BMXQ Calendar














The Redlands BMX Club proudly hosts annual events at the track. These include:

Shootout Series:

The Shootout Series brings together the BMX community from across South East Queensland. Over 600 riders competed at the event in turn bringing supporters and community members to watch. It was one of the biggest events for the club this year and saw some of the best riders, including pro riders, across South-East Queensland come to compete.

Max Haley:

The Redlands BMX Club’s annual event is held in memory of Mr Haley, who was widely respected in the BMX world. The 2016 event saw over 370 riders in 450 class entries battle it out and media coverage was received in local and interstate news.

Strawberry Festival:

Our Strawberry Festival event is one of the pinnacle events of our racing season. Acclaimed as one of the club’s most successful calendar events, the festival brings together the club with local community members as well as potential new members.

Upcoming events:

Shredfest July 17th 2021

- a combined event of both our Max Hayley and Strawberry Festivals.